About us

Keraniss duty-free stores

The company Keraniss runs a network of duty free which offer a broad  selection of renowned and exceptional products. At Keraniss stores, you may find traditional duty free products: starting from liquors, through groceries (including regional products) ending with perfume and beauty products manufactured by Polish and international brands alike as well as tobacco products.

Keraniss is a partner of well – known and reliable vendors, thereby maintaining top quality and attractiveness of the products offered. The company also strives to fulfill the expectations of its customers as well as to achieve customer satisfaction by paying particular attention to meeting sales standards at its stores. The company is continuously searching for new solutions in terms  of marketing and trade. Keraniss is determined to render its product offer more attractive by introducing new brands and products and by adjusting its offer to the expectations of this customers.

We participate in loyalty programs organized by airports by granting discounts for shopping at our stores to charter airline passengers. We organize sales in cooperation with our vendors all through the year as well.

Our main objective is for our customers to be satisfied with doing shopping at our stores.

History of the firm

The firm Keraniss was founded in Warsaw in July 1993. Its founder was the Nissenbaum Family Foundation, created and financed by Zygmunt Nissenbaum. Since 1983 the Foundation has worked to preserve Jewish heritage in Poland, in particular renovating and maintaining Jewish cemeteries. The Keraniss firm’s activities provide funding for the Foundation’s statutory activity.

Keraniss started its business by opening a store in July 1993 in the customs clearance zone in Arrivals at the Warsaw Okęcie International Airport and in September 1993 a “Classic Shop” in the duty-free zone. In 1999 the first delicatessen at a Polish airport was opened at Warsaw airport, offering delicatessen goods and traditional Polish foods and alcohol, as well as kosher goods.

In the years to follow the company thrived and opened more stores, attaining a firm and stable position on the market, and a good name and respect among customers. New stores were opened, two at Katowice Pyrzowice airport, one store in Łódź and one in Kraków Balice.

Events in the firm’s history

Keraniss was founded in July 1993 in Warsaw. It has become a well-known and trustworthy brand name over the 20 years for which it has been present in Polish airports.

See a selection of the most important events in the 20 years of Keraniss.